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Ultimate Shower Head is a multi directional shower head to fit any space and convert your shower into a spa.

Upon seeing the Ultimate Shower Head for the first time you can really see the difference from the large circumference head to the unique maneuverable arm. What you can't see is the quality inside that make the performance of Ultimate Shower Head like nothing you have ever seen or used before.

The Ultimate Shower Head shower head features a 4 joint arm that makes the shower head positions limitless. It can be moved to accommodate the tallest person or the smallest person in the biggest shower stall or the smallest with ratchet style joints locking easily into place. The images of the Ultimate Shower Head show just a few of the many positions of the Ultimate Shower Head.

Ultimate Shower Head has a large 23cm (9") diameter head with 90 powerful, non clog, spray jets. If one of the spray jets is not performing optimally you simply squeeze the spray jet between your thumb and forefinger to release any debris that may be interfering with performance. No more clogged spray jets shooting off in different directions and no more build up to try to clean off, just optimal performance everyday.

Ultimate Shower Head is easily installed and requires no tools. Teflon tape is included in the box and easily applied to you existing water pipe to create a water tight seal so there will be no water leaking from the attachment joint. Simple easy to follow installation instructions will have your plain shower turned into a spa in no time!  


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