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No more time wasting, trying to match the right lid with the right container!

Flat Stacks, stack flat to save you up to 60% of your storage space and you never have to search for your lids again as they are colour coded to their silicone base. You can store the whole set in an area other containers can only use to store the lids alone in.

Flat Stacks have a silicone pressure valve that can be popped up to release the pressure, so it’s safe in the microwave, without having to take the lid off.

Flat Stacks are easily cleaned because they’re made of food grade silicone, not plastic. The silicone seal is designed to be removed, should you choose, to clean under the seal. If you choose, you can also, after washing, put the container in the microwave, for one minute on high, which kill 99.9% of all bacteria.

Flat Stacks have easy to open and close lids that are BPA Free, with a 4 sided lock system to ensure the lids stay firmly in place and your food stays fresh. Because the Flat Stacks storage system excels at keeping air out, they’ll prevent your lemon pie from becoming dry or end up tasting like the spaghetti stuck in the fridge next to it.

Flat Stacks containers are all dishwasher (only on top shelf) and microwave safe. Fridge and Freezer safe plus you can take them straight from the freezer and put them directly in the microwave oven to cook or reheat your food. Flat Stacks are secure, airtight and leak-proof.

These colourful, easy to store containers are just what you need for your home, camping, BBQ’s or kids lunches.



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